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Opendoor.founders Opendoor, a two-year-old, San Francisco-based startup is a swing-for-the fences type of bet during a time when the most ambitious startups are suddenly less fashionable than they once were. That’s not crimping the company’s style. In fact, Opendoor, which is on a mission to make it simple to buy and sell houses online, just added another layer of risk onto its big-risk,… Read More

shutterstock verizon sign Verizon may be moving closer towards purchasing Yahoo’s main Internet assets. According to a new report in the Wall Street Journal, the telecommunications giant wants to make a $3 billion second-round bid for Yahoo. Read More

Microsoft Unveils Microsoft Planner a Trello competitor, T-mobile is giving away a share of the company to all it’s customers, you could potentially even get up to 100 shares, Facebook is disabling messaging in it’s mobile web app, Mark Zuckerberg’s Linkedin Twitter and Pinterest accounts got hacked, and Facebook is announcing a video game streaming deal with Blizzard. All… Read More

Blue Origin's New Shepard launch vehicle / Image courtesy of Blue Origin Blue Origin, the rocket company started by Jeff Bezos, has partnered with NASA to fly and test technology payloads on suborbital flights with the New Shepard launch vehicle. Bezos’ company is the sixth partner that NASA has selected through the Suborbital Reusable Launch Vehicle Flight and Payload Integration Services program. Blue Origin will compete with the other companies,… Read More