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Creating simple and easy to understand content for your landing page


A landing page that converts is all about the clarity and simplicity of the content you display on your webpage. Understand that creating an effective landing page is time-consuming and takes a ton of effort to make it attractive to your customers. Taking service from a professional will greatly reduce the cost and time to develop an effective landing page for your restaurant.

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Keep It Simple

Creating simple and easy to understand content for your landing page, it will serve one purpose which is converting your visitors to customers. Attractive offers will boost your landing page as they provide the urgency of making a purchase. It is the key to creating an effective landing page for your restaurant.

Craft Persuasive Copy

Use actionable phases and words that influence your visitors to take the desired action when they first see the landing page. Always ask the question to yourself before writing a persuasive copy for your restaurant landing page, “What is the reason that the visitor purchase from you?”.

Use Contrasting Colors

For call to action(CTA) button, color can immensely increase the tendency of visitor clicking it. It make your CTA stand out from the rest of the page by using contrasting color like RED or bright colors. Changing the shape of your CTA can improve your conversion rate as well.

Use Image or Illustration

Making your landing page more engaging with animated graphics and product image display to increase the knowledge of the visitor about your product or services. Incorporating videos and images are one of the best solution to the minimum space to work with on your landing page.

Ask for Information You Really Need

Keep the form as simple as possible to increase the likelihood of the visitor filling it up. It will saves a lot of time for visitors and potential customers. Only ask for the information you desperately need like email, phone number and inquires.

Remove Navigation Menu

With no navigation menus on landing page, visitors are more likely to fill the form and click on any CTA you provided. It simplifies the landing page and help to limit the reading time of the visitor to understand your product and services.

Keep Testing to Improve Your Effectiveness of the Restaurant Landing Page

Try and error is one of the best strategies to restaurant conversion landing page. A/B test your landing page and use a different combination of product images or size of the buttons will greatly affect the conversion rate.

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